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Summer’s beginning, and in our pet-friendly neighborhoods, people enjoy taking pets on summer escapades. But there’s one time each year dogs should stay at home: July 4th is the highest “lost pet” day of the year! The culprit: fireworks.

Since July 4th can be a stressful time for animals, we at Rutherford Veterinary Hospital advise against taking pets to fireworks shows or even leaving them outside at home if you’re near such events.

If your pet is prone to anxiety, use anxiety products and techniques such as Adaptil, the ThunderShirt, and also cover kennels with blankets. Audio and visual resources, such as those found with RelaxMyDog or icalmPet products, can be effective. For severe anxiety, Sileo can be used for noise-aversion treatment.

Lakewood Resident Teri Rowan, DVM

In case the unthinkable happens and an animal breaks out, ensure your pet’s collar lists contact name and phone number. More importantly, make sure the pet is microchipped. The City of Dallas now requires microchipping on all pets.

Rutherford Veterinary Hospital is offering a $20 chip-your-pet special through July 3; the price includes the chip and a year’s registration with microchip company.  

Take advantage of this great offer and learn more ways to pacify a panicky pet by visiting Rutherford Veterinary Hospital today.


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