A sign supporting taco trucks is displayed in an East Dallas yard. (Photo courtesy of Tyler Beas.)

Through more than 200 silly, sarcastic and savage comments on social media, readers made it clear what they thought of Valerie Jacobs, a resident who threatened to call Immigration and Customs Enforcement on Latina women operating a food truck in the neighborhood.

The food truck vendors recorded the conversation on a now-viral video that has more than 173,000 views on YouTube.

Jacobs, nicknamed Taco Truck Tammy online, later said the comment was an “unfortunate choice of words” and blamed the outburst on construction noise that hindered the sale of her home. That didn’t stop the floodgates from opening on social media.

We scoured our platforms for the top comments to include in this roundup.

Someone should have sent her some tacos. Uber Eats would have delivered

— Vickey Ybarra Herr

I think all the problem started when she saw the construction guys enjoying some delicious tacos. She started looking for cash, but then she realized she didn’t have any, and the taco truck ladies don’t accept cards. Then out of frustration she came out and yelled… if I can’t eat tacos nobody can…get out of my ‘hood. In fact get out of my country. In fact get out of my planeeettttt…….!!!

— Alonzo H. Palacios

I don’t understand. It looks like they had plenty of ice. I’m sure they would have shared if she had just asked nicely. They seemed like nice ladies.

— Steve Grill

How dare she threaten the taco 🌮 truck

— Omar Essue

I don’t get how a taco truck in the vicinity doesn’t increase home prices?

— Liz Knight

Shoot send the taco truck to my neighborhood, I’d love tacos on demand! #TacosAreWelcome

Tyler Beas

How can I get a taco truck to show up in front of my house?

— Michael Tripp McNair

Tammy is hangry for 🌮

— Janey Martin

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