(Photo courtesy of Tami Brown.)

Four women are vying for the District 9 Dallas City Council seat in the upcoming May 4 election. The Advocate sent candidates Erin MoorePaula Blackmon, Tamara Brown and Sarah Lamb questionnaires to help you get to know them and their policies. 

The last in this series of interviews features Tami Brown, a 17-year consulting firm owner. During the campaign, she has run on a platform of election integrity, fiscal accountability, empowering the homeless and supporting law enforcement, according to her website. Visit district9needstami.com for more information.

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1. Where do you live?

Forest Grove Drive

2. Where do your kids go to school?

My husband and I have become empty nesters. However, we have had children go to Victor H. Hexter Elementary, J. L. Long Middle School, St. John’s Episcopal School, Bishop Lynch High School and Booker T. Washington.

3. Bulky trash pickup: yay or nay?


4. Pet peeve code compliance violation?

My pet peeve when it comes to code compliance is when open and vacant structures, along with rundown sub-code maintenance, cause hazards for the community and become areas of high crime. I.e. Upper Ferguson

5. Go-to neighborhood restaurant?

Mexicali Cafe! Their chicken fajitas are amazing! It’s my go-to order.

6. Most underrated city board or commission?

Dallas Commission on Homelessness (DCOH) because they work to serve a demographic that most people ignore and/or judge. Many people don’t know this commission exists, and that is a shame.

7. Opinion of your predecessor?

Mark Clayton listened to the Casa View area, and with a lot of work, he was able to initiate some redevelopment. I also commend him for the work he did for White Rock Lake. However, the homeless camps between LBJ, Ferguson and Garland Road, especially the wooded area in North Briarwood, only seem to be an issue around campaign season. We need a sustainable long-term solution for them. I know I have a stronger voice for ALL the residents of District 9.

8. What does it mean to “dredge” White Rock Lake? Does it need to be dredged?

To dredge the lake means to remove material from one part of the water environment and relocate it to another. Yes, the last time the lake was dredged was in 1998. Before that, the lake was dredged four other times. There is 20+ years of sediments and debris buildup that needs to be taken care of. If the cost is reasonable, I think it’s time filtration systems with ongoing maintenance be set up at multiple stops upstream and at the entrance to the lake so no more dredging is required going forward.

9. What is the council member’s role in 3G going forward?

Execute the TxDOT plan with caution and continue to seek input from the residents.

10. Why are our streets so hard to drive on? How can they be fixed?

The OurDallas app is an excellent tool to report and track the progress of roads that need to be worked on. We also need to make sure that the design plans for the roads aren’t faulty and that the public/private contracts are being reviewed. This will ensure that the most qualified person is getting the job instead of the lowest bidder.

11. Have you ever called 311? What happened?

Yes, I called 311 about fixing my sidewalk, and it was fixed within two weeks. I have also called about fixing my alleyway, and it was taken care of.

12. Biggest waste of tax dollars?

The biggest waste of tax dollars are vanity projects and additional studies on issues that have already had plenty of research. I think the money used to remove the Robert E. Lee statue should’ve been used on properly funding our police officers.

13. Best place the City could spend money but isn’t?

Our police and first responders! It is absurd that I had to be part of a private funding group to raise money to provide bullet proof vests for our officers. The City should be able to properly fund and protect the lives of those who risk their lives every day to protect us.

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