Municipal elections are coming up May 4, and the Advocate is covering several races, including the Dallas City Council races for districts 9 and 14. We’re planning to provide:

• A candidate “cheat sheet” with pertinent details of who they are and what they stand for;
• Information on candidate forums, meet and greets and other non-fundraising events where neighbors can get to know candidates;
• Details on who is funding the campaigns and how much money candidates have raised, as that information is filed; and
• Candidates’ answers to questions that we (and you!) pose to them.

Any coverage beyond this is really up to you, and here’s what we mean by that: We want to know what matters to you and your neighborhood.

• What kind of reporting would help you differentiate the candidates?
• What questions do you have for the candidates, and what concerns do you have about the city?
• What would motivate you and your neighbors to cast a vote?

What we hear from neighbors will inform which stories we pursue. The point person for the district 9 and 14 races is Jaime Dunaway, who can be reached at 214.560.4208 or Over the next week, neighborhood and homeowner association boards will hear directly from her about further collaboration.

Let us know your questions, and take a minute to read how the races are shaping up so far:

Dallas City Council District 9

City Councilman Mark Clayton to forgo re-election for District 9 seat

East Dallas neighbor Paul Sims announces candidacy for District 9 seat

Paula Blackmon will run for District 9 City Council seat

Erin Moore announces candidacy for District 9 City Council seat

Sarah Lamb joins race for District 9 City Council seat

Tamara Brown, Jacinto Valdespino join Dallas City Council race for District 9 seat

Dallas City Council District 14

Here’s everyone running for Dallas City Council in District 14

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