Oncor Electric Energy will begin replacing city street lamps with LED bulbs this week. If the new lights are illuminating your street like the Vegas Strip, here’s what to do.

Before you buy blackout curtains, contact your Dallas City Council member. Although the City of Dallas owns some public lights, most belong to Oncor. Council members may not be able to control the actions of the electric company, but they can suggest ways to improve.

District 14 Councilman Philip Kingston said there are a number of ways to fix the lighting problem. Oncor could angle the lights so they don’t shine into neighbors’ windows or instal diffusers that point light downward and reduce its brightness. Installing LED bulbs that have a lower wattage is also an option.

“The lights should be LED,” Kingston said. “They are so much more energy efficient. It makes sense to do it, but they can do it in a way that doesn’t produce annoying light in the neighborhood.”

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