In case you missed them on every street corner in Dallas, you can now see LimeBikes on Google Maps

Photo by Danny Fulgencio.

Remember those LimeBikes that popped up like pimples on nearly every street corner in Dallas? They’re almost impossible to miss. But if you do, rest assured, Lime will make sure you can find them.

Through a partnership with Google, you’ll now be able to see nearby Lime scooters, pedal bikes and e-bikes as a transportation option right from Google Maps.

Simply navigate to your destination and tap on the transit icon to see nearby options. If a Lime vehicle is available, you’ll see how long it will take to walk to the vehicle, an estimated cost, total journey time and ETA.

The integration is available in 13 cities, including Dallas, Austin, Baltimore, Indianapolis, Los Angeles and San Antonio. The dockless rental bike company later hopes to expand to its other markets, which number more than 100 on five continents, according to the 2018 annual report.

The report also details several case studies in cities where Lime has grown and thrived. It comes as no surprise that Dallas didn’t make the list.

So many dockless rental bikes hit the Dallas market that an Instagram account began documenting the Wild West of bikesharing in the city. The City Council later took action, implementing annual licenses and per-bike fees that gave companies incentives to keep the flood of bikes at bay.

Will the partnership between Lime and Google bring a method to the madness?

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