Labor Day made for a short week for staff and students at Woodrow Wilson High School and J.L. Long Middle School in East Dallas, but the air conditioning has been out for several days, making it seem much longer.

Woodrow parent Nancy Wilson said the schools had been without cool air for two days on Thursday, and that a thermostat at Long showed 81 degrees inside. Woodrow’s 2,000-plus students have already maxed out the capacity of the school, leaving teachers to sweat it out in cramped quarters.

Teachers moved classrooms to hallways and the auditorium where it was a bit cooler, but it can be tough to focus on algebra two and biology with sweat dripping down your face.

But help is on the way. Dallas ISD’s Director of News and Information Robyn Harris wrote in an email, “There has been an HVAC vendor and technician on site today to assist both schools in order for the campuses to have sufficient and cool air. While additional work is being performed on a unit, there will be technicians on site all evening to ensure there are no challenges.”

Fall can’t arrive soon enough.

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