Is this miniature park a red light district?

Update: The underwear has been removed/claimed, but Rocky the brown tabby still appears to be missing. 

Neighbors walking their dogs through the Parks Estates enjoy the triangular intersection gardens, many with seating, unique lighting and Little Free Libraries. But the green space at Tremont and Brookside has a Little Free Library where women’s undergarments and missing cat posters decorate the facade.

So many questions. Did a suitcase break open? Is this park a lovers’ rendezvous? Golf course streaking?

The library has seen better days, and the plants in the area are a bit overgrown, but not enough to hide the underwear. Inside the library readers can find a variety of materials, from page-turning novels to medical school prep books. Our neighborhood is no stranger to Little Free Libraries, from a Woodrow Wilson High School replica to libraries that mimic the house behind them.

If you or anyone you know is missing their knickers and lost them near the Lakewood golf course, you know where to find them.

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