Ted Cruz’s visit to an East Dallas barber shop involved more than a haircut

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In his 2007 song “Everything I am,” Kanye West writes, “People talkin’ so much (stuff) about me at barbershops /They forget to get their haircut.”

The barber shop has long been known to be a place to discuss the news of the day, whether it be national politics, pop culture or neighborhood gossip. Last week, Ted Cruz stepped into Kingdom Cuts in Old East Dallas for what was supposed to be a photo opportunity, but he ended up discussing policy with patrons and community members. Despite all the debating, he didn’t forget to get a trim and a hot towel treatment (which he loved).

The Dallas Morning News reports that customers and visitors began grilling Texas’ junior senator while he was at Kingdom Cuts about everything from illegal immigration to gay marriage.

“People want more jobs, more wages and greater opportunity,” Cruz said to the News. “Texans understand that the way to get jobs is low taxes, low regulation and creating an environment where small businesses like this barbershop can thrive and grow.”

Kingdom Cuts owners Adam and Shawna Rodriguez turned from a life in the drug game to one of religion after Adam spent several years in prison. WFAA reports that the couple were raised in the church, but turned away in their youth before returning to their faith as they grew older. They pushed the Senator to work toward criminal justice reform, citing steep punishments for non-violent drug crimes.

“The pain that we have endured from the life that we have lived and to break free of it. It’s a miracle that causes you to cry,” Shawna told WFAA. The two prayed with Cruz and Adam’s mother before he left on Saturday.

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