(Photo courtesy of Pilikia)

Three Ross Avenue establishments are catching heat from the city after Bryan Place neighbors complained that they had become a nuisance in the neighborhood, according to the Dallas Morning News reports. But a Woodrow grad’s business is fighting to stay open.

The three offending parties are The Petty Diver, Pilikia and Republic Ranch, which are clustered near Ross Avenue’s intersection with Central Expressway. Neighbors said that over-served and rowdy guests were packing their streets and that the music was too late and too loud. They said these were not “restaurants” as the zoning states, but were operating as bars.

A recent shooting in the area brought even more negative attention to the area, and after an inspection earlier in July, the city sued all three for illegal land use.

The Petty Diver reached a settlement with the city to stop charging fees for dancing and entertainment, hire more security, turn down the music, build a sound barrier and remain closed Sunday, Monday and Wednesday unless booked for private events.

Pilikia, a tiki bar, had its contract revoked by the property owner, who said they were behind on rent.

But Republic Ranch, which is owned by Woodrow grad and State Fair award winning chef Abel Gonzales Jr., is awaiting the ruling to decide its fate. City attorneys say the establishment may be a restaurant at times but often transforms into something rowdier. Social media videos seem to back up the claims, and a detective found cocaine in a locked office.

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