The mysterious tale of a BMW, the Fire Department and a kitten in the Whole Foods parking lot

Photo courtesy of Debra Bishop

Debra Bishop and her friend Becky Daniels were ending their day at the Lakewood Whole Foods Wednesday night when they heard an unusual sound in the parking lot.

A faint “meow” moaned amongst the vehicles, but there was no cat in sight. Was it a car with a weird sound effect, Bishop wondered. As the noise disappeared and returned, Bishop and Daniels followed it to the car parked directly in front of them.

The BMW seemed to be meowing. Next, the owner arrived.

“You have a cat in there,” Bishop told the woman.

The neighbors searched under and around the vehicle, but couldn’t locate any felines, so they called the Fire Department. Firefighters arrived and were able to pop off a plastic piece under the front fender, freeing a small black kitten.

Bishop said the kitten, who was not owned by the driver of the BMW, looked to be less than a year old. Whole Foods employees brought out a box for the kitten and some cat food, and firefighters took the cat to Hillside veterinarian clinic.

Just another day in Lakewood.

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Photo courtesy of Debra Bishop

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