The toothless wiener dog of Tietze Park

Bunny Marie, fashion forward dachshund.

Bunny Marie, fashion forward dachshund.

Bunny Marie is not afraid of standing out. This fashionista may be small, but her look looms large when she strolls through Tietze Park. Neighbor Lisa Marshall attempted to foster the dachshund but ended up making Bunny a permanent part of the family. Older dogs can be difficult to adopt, and Marshall was happy to take in the 9-year-old toothless pup. Bunny has two “dachsiblings” at home. Being the middle child allows her to bond with them. She loves to cuddle with her 17-year-old brother, Copper, and chase bugs and critters with her 7-year-old brother, Rocket. Bunny adores clothes and looks good in them. “She has an Audrey Hepburn sleekness to her,” Marshall says. Bunny has several outfits with something for every occasion. She put away the sweaters this summer for something that will keep her cool. “She is toothless and charming and as funny as she can be.”

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