Left: 1926 Photo courtesy of Cindy Walker. Right: 2018 Photo by Danny Fulgencio.

Left: Photo courtesy of Cindy Walker. Right: Photo by Danny Fulgencio.

In Lakewood’s early days, neighbors could look at the intersection of Lakewood and Tokalon and see open land. In 1926, this picture was taken of a Model T traveling up the hill on Lakewood Boulevard toward the intersection with Lakeshore. The shadow in the foreground is Glen D. Davis, the original owner of the home at 6840 Lakewood. The pond in the front yard was originally a natural spring that was converted into a wading pool for Davis’ two daughters. The land was purchased from Albert Dines, and Betram Hill was the architect who designed the house. Today, the pond is home to ducks, though the spring dried up long ago. The neighborhood has filled in since then, with sprawling trees and beautiful homes lining the historic boulevard.

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