Attention acrobatic wine drinkers – Cool Thursdays are for you

Photo by Blake Kresl

By Lisa Kresl

Thursday nights concerts at the Dallas Arboretum are the epicenter of all wine consumption and replaced knee dancing in the city. Whether it’s Abba, Styxx or Journey cover bands, it’s an excuse for neighbors to break out middle-aged dance moves, high-end picnic gear, blow-up microphones and other accoutrements. This week’s Motown Magic band is sold out. Next week? Bruce in the USA. Here’s a glimpse of the scene:

Seen on the scene:

* the guy who dances by himself like nobody is watching.

* women who pogo to the music.

* women who dance with a pointed finger pumping in the sky while biting a lip (ok, that was me).

* kids with light-up toys running around without supervision.

What others have that you should covet:

* blow up microphones to pretend karaoke with

* wine on a stick

* wine in a bag

* wine on a table:

* wine in a basket

* luxury chairs:

Check out the Dallas Arboretum’s own slideshow of the festivities.

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