Jackson, the Aussie rescue

When Paula Satterfield was looking for a playmate for her Australian Shepherd Neko, she wanted to find a male pup to balance out the canine camaraderie. She found Jackson at an Aussie rescue, but she learned she was adopting no ordinary dog. Jackson had been chained to a tree and abused. His previous owner finally asked animal control to take him away after numerous citations. Because of his past, the dog has a scar on his face and is wary of any kind of boots, but Satterfield couldn’t ask for a better pal. Jackson is an empathy expert. If Neko is sick, he will lie with her. He seems to have a sense of when Satterfield or her partner are feeling down, and he knows just how to comfort his owners. He is still learning to be comfortable around strangers, but neighbors can catch him running alongside Satterfield’s bike near their Vickery Place home. “He’s a big dorky dog, and not smooth,” Satterfield says. Jackson’s toys, such as “Foxy Brown” here, comfort him. Satterfield loves what he has brought to their home. “Even with his ongoing challenges, we couldn’t have been luckier to have him in our home.”

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