Abrams and Goliad, but was in 1925 Greenville Road and Aqueduct Avenue

Left: Photo courtesy of Mary Doster; Right: Photo by Danny Fulgencio

In 1925, downtown Lakewood looked more like the Old West than the bustling business district it is today. A sign noting the city limits of Dallas, which were nearby, and old streetcar tracks show how much of East Dallas got around before the mass use of the car following World War II. In the distance, the two standpipe towers can be seen at what today is Abrams and Goliad, but was then Greenville Road and Aqueduct Avenue. These days, the area is occupied with Chipotle, a veterinarian, a long-vacant bank, a salon and real estate offices. While things might be a bit more manicured these days, Lakewood maintains a communal charm that neighbors appreciate.

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