Junius Heights neighbors Lindsay and Brent Chaney were on vacation without internet connection the weekend of Feb. 24, but when they got back in range, they saw frightening images of an attempted crime on their doorbell and front porch security cameras.

In the broad daylight of a Saturday afternoon, two men approached their front door and attempted to open it. The couple’s doorbell camera caught a man trying to kick down the door, then fleeing quickly to a car parked in their neighbor’s driveway when it didn’t budge. The other man removed one of the cameras.

The Chaneys have lived in their home for nearly two years without capturing anything as intrusive on their cameras. Then, one Saturday in February, around noon and 5 p.m., two men attempted to break in. The Chaneys filed a police report. Police advised them to share their images. Their neighborhood doesn’t have much crime, and no neighbors reported anything similar.

The Chaneys don’t know if the two incidents were connected, though the proximity makes them wonder. They live on a corner near Lipscomb Elementary full of pedestrians, which make the attempts even more brazen.

The first man, wearing a white hoodie and beanie, carried an empty bag and leaned against the door around 11:15 a.m. while waiting on the porch. He returned about an hour later, again messing with the door before removing one of the cameras.

A second man ran up and kicked the door with the bottom of his shoe around 5 p.m. He wore  a short-sleeved neon green shirt, camouflage pants and an earflap hat. After kicking the door, he ran back to a large four-door sedan parked in the Chaney’s neighbor’s driveway.

“The creepiest thing for us is that it was in the middle of the day,” Brent says.

See more images and the security video below, courtesy of the Chaneys.

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