Dallas ISD board trustee Dan Micciche. Photo by Kim Leeson

Dan Micciche’s tireless efforts to promote the schools in his district and Dallas ISD are paying off, as he will not face a challenger in the upcoming school board election. This will be his third term on the Dallas ISD school board.

Micciche, a lawyer by trade, became involved with Dallas ISD when he ran a volunteer program at Fannin Elementary on Ross Avenue for seven years. When Fannin’s students were consolidated into other area schools, Micciche wanted to stay involved with Dallas ISD and saw that his Dallas ISD trustee was up for reelection.

Securing the backing of two newly formed educational political action committees, Dallas Kids First and Educate Dallas, Micciche defeated incumbent Bruce Parrott with nearly 64 percent of the vote in 2012. He increased his margin in 2015 when he was reelected with nearly 72 percent of the vote.

When Micciche first took office, Conrad and Bryan Adams High Schools were rated academically unacceptable. But they both met all standards last year, and Bryan Adams earned six of seven distinctions from the Texas Education Agency over the last two years. Micciche attributes the success of the schools to the teachers, administrators, families and volunteers who have worked hard to improve the district. He cites dual language programs, increases in early childhood education and school choice as other factors that have boosted performance. “Dallas ISD is the most improved district in the state by numerous measures,” he says. “There is a real sense that the district is moving in the right direction.”

Micciche highlighted the award-winning counselors at Gaston Middle School and the leaders at McShan Elementary as individuals who have made a significant impact.

Though he won’t have to do the work of campaigning this time around, Micciche says he is committed to being just as active as he would have been if he were running. “Doing the job is the same thing as campaigning for the job,” he says. “You have to be open and transparent, and I try to be.”

Micciche notes that not having a challenger will save the district hundreds of thousands of dollars. Because the election does not line up with the other voting days this spring, Dallas ISD has to fund its own election administration.

He looks forward to continuing to work hard at the district. “I have a commitment to make sure every child has a great education,” he says. “It is the most important thing we can do in this city and I want to be part of it.”

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