Be on the lookout for this alleged poop package thief in the neighborhood

Photo courtesy of Sheri Beach

The Facebook group Lakewood, Dallas, constant fodder for news and gossip around the neighborhood, is currently on the trail of a rampant package thief.

A woman was photographed at multiple locations in the M Streets and Lakewood, approaching front doors and snatching boxes.

Neighbor Nicole McBee told Candy’s Dirt that she was hit four times in recent weeks by the same woman. In retaliation, McBee loaded up a box with her dog’s feces and left it on her front porch to lure the thief. The woman returned, taking the box of poop with her. “She stole my dogs’ food on Saturday. They left her a ‘thank you’ on Tuesday,” she said.

Neighbor Sheri Beach says the woman has been spotted at 6300 Mercedes, Vanderbilt and Monticello, the 5400 block of Ridgedale, the 5700 block of Richmond and Velasco and Pearson in Lakewood.

The woman, who is white and blonde, appears to be driving a grey Buick SUV without license plates.

UPS and FedEx have package tracking, which allows neighbors to know when something is left at the front door. Amazon offers lockers that can be used to avoid having the packages stolen. There is an Amazon locker location in the Lakewood Whole Foods.

Be vigilant, East Dallas.

Photo courtesy of Sheri Beach

Photo courtesy of Sheri Beach

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