Paw & Claws: For the birds

From harrowing escapes to friendships with predators, Abigail is a bird who likes to live on the edge. This Vorens black-capped conure is native to the southern basin of the Amazon, but she is right at home as she rides around on the shoulder of Sunny Platz, only occasionally nipping at her earrings. Abigail is a great friend to her feline housemate Meowy, who is endlessly curious about exploring the bird’s space. Don’t try and sneak up on the Platz home, as Abigail is an effective alarm system, alerting the entire house when anyone approaches. Once, when her cage was being cleaned outside, she escaped, flying up into a tree where she surveyed her options for 45 minutes. The Platz family was worried sick about their pet, but apparently the feathered friend liked her home, because she flew down and landed on the head of a worker who was remodeling, catching him by surprise. “You came back, you must love us,” Sunny Platz told her.

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