Prevent and treat headaches — year-round

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Not all headaches are created equally, but all can be treated

You can treat various sorts of headaches with pills, but mixed with wine, eggnog and sundry savories and sweets, they might only make matters worse. What if there’s a way to treat and prevent headaches — holidays and year-round?

Not all headaches are alike, and it is important to determine the type, in order to obliterate them.

Sorts of headaches:

Tension — that is the aching, not throbbing, sensation all over your head. Your neck, forehead, shoulder and jaw muscles can become tender and sensitive. These are triggered, usually, by stress

Cluster — When it effects one side of the face or you feel it behind one eye at a time, when this burning or piercing sensation and sometimes sweating sets in, you might have a cluster headache. Severe and might last less than an hour to three hours, often called the suicide headache.

Migraines — The potentially incapacitating pain that accompanies a migraine seems to come from deep within your head. Light, sound, hormones, food, lack of sleep, dehydration and many smells can trigger migraines, sending sufferers under the covers instead of to the party. Often gastro intestinal issues are the frequent cause of migraines such as unknown food or chemical sensitivities, gluten allergies, or sluggish internal organs caused by connective tissue laxity.

Exertion — Are you running the Dallas marathon this winter, but find that strong throbbing headaches come on after training? Exertion headaches, fortunately don’t last more than a few hours.

Other common types of headaches are from allergies, sinus infections, or arthritis of the neck , back or tailbone and usually accompany other types of body pain.

Once an InterX professional physical therapist determines where your pain is rooted, he or she can control and stop it. A unique electric stimulation, InterX therapy, initially performed in a clinic, can pinpoint the source of pain, most-effectively alleviate it, and prevent or reduce future pain. Many people treated at InterX Therapy have headache pain along with other types of body pain but the headache pain is the first pain to go away. You can even learn how to use a home device to keep headaches away or treat them quickly when they start.

Find relief and answers. Call 469.364.3420, or visit InterX Therapy Center, located at 11882 Greenville Ave. #B127

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