Another car found its way into the lake near the arboretum

A vehicle took a dive into White Rock Lake Monday morning, leaving one person hospitalized.

The Dallas Police Department dive team was deployed to search for anyone else who may have been in the vehicle, which went into the water near the 1100 block of East Lawther Drive, behind the Dallas Arboretum.

To get into the water at that point, a vehicle would have to hop the concrete curbs and cross the bike trail, a distance of about a dozen yards.

No other information on the vehicle or passengers has been released.

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  • plsiii

    Yeah, the city is really failing in much of their planning, and what is getting built these days. You see new construction happen all the time, wayyy to close to thoroughfares, which is fine if the expectation is for pedestrians to feel uncomfortable while autos zoom by seat-belted and unaware. Look at the Smokey Rose, four feet of sidewalk next to 6+ lanes of traffic, it makes zero sense. And while guardrails may provide some peace of mind for pedestrians, it shouldn’t have to come to that…

  • plsiii

    I’m just waiting for the day that we add bike lanes (and other alternative modes of transport) to Garland Road. Which could further buffer the existing paved path around the lake, and employ more design measures (not just blinking signs and speed traps) to slow traffic… Humans and environment should trump expeditious travel.

  • Concerned Citizen

    I’m just waiting for the day a car accidentally jumps the curb on Garland Rd. during a crowded Saturday or Sunday morning and wipes out 10 people at 50mph. In some places, the trail comes within 3 feet of the road. Why there isn’t a guardrail is beyond me!