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When her suffering went from uncomfortable to unbearable, this nurse learned she did not have to ‘just deal with it’

Laura Davis* almost quit the career she loved. A nurse for a major insurance company, she’d spent a decade traveling and training nurses. “Meeting new people was my favorite,” she says. Davis endured back spasms, the result of long hours at a computer or in airplane seats. She did what many women do — dealt with it. But during a weeklong seminar, her symptoms increased from periodic bouts to an uninterrupted world of hurt. “That week I told my boss she needed to train someone else for my job, quickly, because I would have to take medical leave.”

Her doctor prescribed pills — potentially habit-forming medications including opiates. Aided by physical therapy and meds, the pain eased marginally, but she was still miserable.

Then, a fellow patient told her about InterX.

Professional athletes have touted InterX as a fix for sprains and muscle soreness, but could it also work for loyal, everyday heroes? The sorts who work tirelessly and incur less-dramatic damage? The conversation convinced Davis to try it, and that is how, as Davis puts it, “I got my life back.”

Within a week or two, the pain decreased. She also started sleeping better, her flexibility improved, and her long-endured irritable bowel syndrome subsided. Gradually she stopped taking medication, and, one day, found herself “skipping and doing Samba moves across the kitchen floor.” That’s right — in addition to treating injuries, InterX therapy can provide relief from countless conditions including headaches, chronic fatigue, vertigo, nausea, nerve disorders, sinusitis and more.

To some, it feels like a miracle, or magic, but the technology behind InterX is sound, physical therapist Annette Murray says. “The unique electric stimulation boosts the entire body’s healing ability.” As a clinician, Davis was skeptical of newer technologies, but, in this case, her own body provides all the proof she needs. “I believe the only thing that prevented me from having to go on disability is InterX treatments.”

Find relief and answers. Call 469-364-3420, or visit InterX Therapy Center, located at 11882 Greenville Ave. #B127

* Actual patient testimony. Name has been changed for medical privacy.

If you would like relief from any of these athletic injuries — or if you suffer from nausea, chronic fatigue, vertigo and other painful ailments — reach out to InterXTherapy Center, 11882 Greenville Ave. in Dallas at interxtherapycenter.com or by calling 469-364-3420.

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