Dan Micciche‘s annual trip down the water slides at the KayCee Pool began a few years ago, when the Hexter Elementary PTA asked the Dallas ISD board president to perform the stunt as part of a back-to-school PTA recruitment party. Once the PTA secures a certain number of memberships, Micciche heads up the ladder.

The East Dallas trustee wears an actual suit, not a swimsuit, featuring Hexter’s blue and gold school colors. The kids go crazy over it, as evidenced in the above video. After sliding, Micciche obligingly poses for photos, like this one with second-grader Amarissa Martinez. Her mother, Alma, has enjoyed watching Micciche slide for the past three years, since her daughter started kindergarten at Hexter.

“Mr. Micciche is a wonderful person,” Martinez says. “We are so blessed to have him in DISD. He comes out of his way to most events.”

His trips down the slides this year were slower than usual, Micciche says.

“I wore the wrong pants. They filled up like a blanket or something,” he says. “The other years that I’ve done it were really fast.”

The Hexter pool party isn’t Micciche’s only water immersion for the sake of DISD students. It’s a bit less punishing than his gig in Sanger Elementary‘s dunk tank. One year, Sanger principal Hector Martinez got the best of the board president.

“His first two pitches were wild, so I wasn’t paying attention,” Micciche recalls. “His third throw was a bullseye and I went down, my mouth open.”

Sanger parents, we’d welcome dunk tank photos and videos, too. It’s all for the kids, right?

(Thanks to Alma Martinez for allowing us to use her waterslide photos.)

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