Fix your body faster if you sustain an injury

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Photo of a female jogger in the countryside, with sun flare in the background.Athletes dread these 6 common, stubborn injuries — here’s how to fix your body faster if you sustain one

White Rock Lake teems with aspiring athletes this time of year. You might be training for December’s Dallas Marathon, or you might just be developing enough fitness to keep up with your dog.

Of course, any active lifestyle presents a risk of injury.

Professional trainers, including those in Cowboys and Mavericks locker rooms, have discovered a tool shown to reduce recovery time following an injury. The therapy is called InterX Therapy, and these days it’s accessible to anyone who’s hurt and itching to get back in the game.

“The unique electric stimulation delivered by the InterX device boosts the entire body’s healing ability,” says physical therapist Annette Murray. That gives the product far-reaching ability to treat various painful injuries without chemicals or negative side effects.

Student athletes in soccer, basketball and baseballHamstring strain: It usually strikes those whose activities include high-speed sprinting and kicking — football, soccer and interval running, for example.

Plantar fasciitis: Symptoms include pain in the heel and arch that, if not treated, can go on indefinitely and become increasingly painful. It’s a common condition in marathoners and those who spend a lot of time on their feet.

Bursitis: This injury of the joints, tendons or muscles — hips, shoulders, knees — can develop through repetitive use. Those who regularly cycle, row, run, hike or swing a racket or bat are at risk.

Achilles tendonitis: The large Achilles tendon connects the heel and calf and is used when we walk, run and jump, so high school cheerleaders and tennis players alike suffer from this inflammation-related condition.

Sprain: In an instant or over time, this injury involving a stretched or torn ligament generally afflicts ankles or wrists. Twisting, falling or taking a hit is a common culprit.

Muscle fatigue and soreness: Whatever your sport of choice, you can’t be your best when burned out. Even elite athletes overstep and wind up with a general loss of hard-won endurance.

If you would like relief from any of these athletic injuries — or if you suffer from headaches, back pain, Fibromyalgia, post-surgery pain and other painful ailments — reach out to InterXTherapy Center, 11882 Greenville Ave. in Dallas at interxtherapycenter.com or by calling 469-364-3420.

The unique electric stimulation delivered by the InterX device boosts the entire body’s healing ability

The unique electric stimulation delivered by the InterX device boosts the entire body’s healing ability.


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