(Image courtesy Michael Van Valkenburgh Associates, Inc.)

Last week, the Dallas City Council finally put the Trinity Toll Road to death. Advocate columnist and former city council member Angela Hunt has fought for years to replace for toll road with a flood-friendly park, and killing the highway was a step in that direction.

But before everyone gets too excited about a park their children can visit, know that this is a debate that reaches way back. This 1998 Advocate column, about a bond package that was supposed to be used to transform the Trinity River into a “chain of lakes” running through downtown, with trails, playing fields and other recreational fields, should pump the brakes on those hoping to see a park any time soon.

The column also mentions plans for the infamous expressway between the levees to relieve downtown traffic, which as of this year was still a possibility. If it has taken 19 years to kill a project that never existed, don’t wait with bated breath for the park to arrive any time soon.

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