Video: Despite signs, new, unstriped speed bumps send cars flying on Williamson

Signs for the new speed bumps on Williamson are not enough to slow drivers down. (Photo by Emily Charrier)
Signs for the new speed bumps on Williamson are not enough to slow drivers down. (Photo by Emily Charrier)

Traffic can get pretty fast on Williamson, one of Lakewood’s main thoroughfares from Mockingbird to White Rock Lake, irking neighbors. To slow drivers down, the city recently installed speed bumps between Sperry and Mockingbird.

“Residents paid to go through the process to have [the speed bumps],” says Councilman Mark Clayton, who represents Lakewood. “This isn’t something the city did proactively.”

While new signs on either side announce the bumps, and warn drivers to drop their speed to 20 m.p.h., it doesn’t seem to do the trick. Cars have been flying over the unstriped bumps, some even catching air. I stood out there for 5 minutes today and saw about half the cars take the bumps too fast, scraping the undercarriage with a sickening screech as they went.

According to city documents, striping should be completed in the coming weeks, but we all know the city doesn’t have the best track record when it comes to striping our streets. For now, just take it easy and save your car when traversing Williamson.

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  • Lindy Rainer

    The street already has speed limit signs. If drivers weren’t exceeding the speed, their cars wouldn’t take flight! Speeding and ignoring speed limit signs is the only problem!!! Those who read and follow signs don’t need extra warnings! Those who complain need to SLOW DOWN and obey the speed limit signs.

  • Val England

    I think the big issue is not having the appropriate striping and warning signs. I don’t mind the bumps I just didn’t notice them because grey match the road so well. I turn onto Santa Maria from Williamson. They just need the signs and paint. That’s all.

  • GaltJohn

    City of Dallas posted the speed survey for Williamson between Sperry and Mockingbird. The number of cars isn’t the issue. The issue is the average, AVERAGE speed exceeded 45mph with too many others at 50mph+. 50mph on a residential street. If you are OK with that please post your address and the residents of Williamson will be happy to drive in front of your house that fast.