Quick Way grill

If your idea of a practical New Year’s resolution is to find a new spot for breakfast tacos, allow me to help. Quick Way, nestled at the north end of Old Town between a Verizon store and Dixie Cleaners, is part convenience store, part beer and wine shop.

Don’t let appearances fool you.

By your second visit, the friendly couple behind the sizzling grill and shiny marble countertop will know they know you, and by your third they’ll remember your name. On my first visit, the customer ahead of me didn’t order – they simple threw his eggs and chorizo on when he walked in the door. After we got to talking, the man insisted on buying my egg and bacon taco as a welcome.

The man behind me, also a regular, said he never misses a day.

“All our guys come here all the time,” said Jeff Mikulec of Mustang Barbers. “We’re just around the corner. We love it.”

The store opens at 6 a.m. each morning, and the grill gets cranking by 6:15. Sausage, ham, bacon, chorizo, potato and all other manner of breakfast tacos are available, but don’t forget their best item – their homemade green sauce. They also serve lunch, complete with tacos from brisket to tilapia.

Just don’t tell anyone you ate breakfast at the liquor store.

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