Porky Mockingbird at Hillside Vet 6.3.16


There’s seemingly no end to the number of serious potholes on and around Mockingbird Lane; guess that’s what happens when a busy road with old asphalt is exposed to a bunch of rain.

Today’s trouble-making Dallas pothole is on the right lane of eastbound Mockingbird by an exit/entrance to Hillside Vet Clinic, 6150 E. Mockingbird.

It’s a particularly nasty pothole because it’s a couple of inches deep and a couple of feet wide — plenty of room to mess up a tire or front end of our vehicles. And because of the rain, it’s partially filled with water, making it all-the-more difficult to pick out, especially at night, when racing down Mockingbird.

As always, we’ve reported this pothole to the City’s 311 online portal; the report number is 16-00262525, if you want to follow along. The City’s portal promises a response to the initial report in three days, with a service followup five days later.

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