Elenor Pigby: Photo from Facebook

Eleanor Pigby: Photo from Facebook

Eleanor Pigby, a 2-year-old pot-bellied pig, has been hogging the limelight on Facebook after she went missing from her home in Far East Dallas on Monday.

She was only gone for two days before a social media scramble brought her home.

Eleanor’s human mom, neighbor Laurel Holt, was out of town on vacation when she learned her pet pot-bellied pig was missing.

Holt immediately took to Facebook and the neighborhood social media site Nextdoor to let people know to be on the lookout. As the hashtag #EleanorPigby began circulating the interwebs, Holt’s friends canvased the neighborhood with missing signs.

When local news outlets got wind of the Facebook posts, they also jumped on board with the effort. The story was on the Dallas Morning News, CBSDFW and WBAP. One of Holt’s friends remarked that Pigsby was “the most popular pig in the metroplex.”

On Tuesday a neighbor found Eleanor wandering the neighborhood. He couldn’t take her home because of his dogs, so he took her to a friend’s farm in Kaufman County, where she spent time with other pigs. When he returned to the neighborhood, he saw the missing signs and was able to connect with Holt’s friends.

On Wednesday, they brought Eleanor home. Holt once again took to Facebook to thank everyone for her happy ending and say she couldn’t wait to get home to enjoy some pig kisses.

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