Balcony Club

The votes are in and neighbors agree The Balcony Club is the best bar in the neighborhood.

The jazz club tucked away above the iconic Lakewood Theater is a place packed with nostalgia for many neighbors. The narrow room is cloaked in dark colors with pops of red, gold and green, which give it a throwback 1930s vibe.

It has had a tough few years — or a tough existence, depending on how you look at it. Since its beginning more than 27 years ago, the club has been a roller coaster of financial instability, but somehow it always manages to survive another year, probably because of its cult-like following.

In 2013 it changed ownership, and the new owner Teddy Davey poured money into updating and rearranging the space and drumming up new and old support. For neighbors who have been frequenting the venue for decades, the club still has that unpretentious feel they’ve always loved in the laid-back club where the drinks are good and the jazz is even better.

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Runner-up: Pour House

Tie for third: Libertine & Louie’s

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