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When we wrote about the three restaurants that are being built next door to Trader Joe’s a reader tipped us off in the comment section about Muscle Maker Grill’s plans to take over the old Company Cafe space on Greenville.

Yesterday, Muscle Maker Grill confirmed that a location will indeed be opening on Lower Greenville. The franchisees for Dallas are Bill Moore and Clint Summers, who plan to open five Muscle Maker Grill location in the Dallas area — the one on Lower Greenville, one in Plano, one in Frisco, one at Lovers and Inwood and one near the Gaston-Garland-Grand intersection, either in or around the Arboretum Village shopping center.

The Greenville location will be the first to open, and they hope to open in mid-August.

“We’re well into construction,” Moore says. “We’re almost finished at this point.”

Moore is an East Dallas guy who says he dines on Lower Greenville all the time at places like Company Cafe and HG Sply Co. After Company Cafe moved from its original location at 2217 Greenville to its new location at 2104 Greenville, near Libertine and Trader Joe’s, Moore noticed the old space was available, although he wasn’t able to secure the spot immediately because of issues with parking.

Moore says Muscle Maker Grill isn’t going to have a liquor license, but it will have a beer and wine license. It will close at 10 p.m.

According to MMG’s website, Muscle Maker Grill was founded in 1995 with “the goal of offering people a nutritious alternative to fast food restaurants.” They cater to any variety of specialty diets — vegan, carb-free food and gluten-free.

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