White Rock Abbey then The Local Pour now The Royal Pour: Why the East Dallas restaurant keeps changing names

Nah, The Royal Pour patrons aren't all too concerned about the name change: Facebook.com
Nah, The Royal Pour patrons aren’t all too concerned about the name change: Facebook.com

It’s a wee bit confusing, though most of the patrons seem happy as long as the beer keeps flowing.

To recap: James Orr bought White Rock Abbey restaurant and bar at the Peavy-Garland Road intersection from Weylan McAmally, a pharmacist from Red Oak, who opened the place in December 2012.

Here’s how he explains the name changes, via Facebook message:

“I bought the Abbey out of its lease Aug. 22, 2013. Then I needed to change the name, which I did Dec. 23 to The Local Pour White Rock. I then found out a bar in Houston objected, as Local Pour was their registered name. So Jan. 22 2014, we became The Royal Pour White Rock to appease the Houston bar.

“The one and only bar at 9909 Garland Road is named The Royal Pour White Rock. Good food, great beers, and friendly people. So Eat. Drink. Enjoy!”

I bet he wishes he’d heard from the Houston people before putting up the new sign.

All photos from The Royal Pour Facebook page. Click on an image for larger slideshow view.

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  • Key Blake

    Customer service was horrible. The waitress offered me a drink while I waited on my Togo order then charged me for it. I had multiple hairs outside the box and when I opened I saw even more hairs! The BBQ was not freshly cooked. Ribs tasted two days old and wrapped up and warmed up. It was mildly warm and the BBQ sauce was freezing cold. Minimum meat for the prices. My bun was clearly burnt. Mac and chZ was not my style or the fresh green beans. You will not miss out on anything here .

  • Shanell

    I’m not sure what these yahoos are talking about. I’ve had nothing but positive experiences here. The “regulars” are hilarious!!

  • Michael

    They now have a new cook that is very good at what she does. The food is no longer gross it is amazing. Go try it. I don’t work there and I don’t own it I have just seen the amazing transformation just in the past few days with the new cook.

  • Torie

    I cannot adequately articulate how truly disgusting and utterly revolting the food is at this hovel. The pulled pork was an oily, greasy heap doused with a sickeningly sweet sauce that tasted like mixture of ketchup and molasses. The potato salad consisted of bits of potato drowned in a very soupy mystery mix that I think contained mayo and heaven only knows what else. The mac and cheese was a slimy glob of oil and processed cheese. Save yourself from possible food poisoning and go to Goodfriend instead.

  • alan

    Love to see local places like this succeed, but this was a big disappointment. Have been texting friends about my experience and that is not good. The kitchen closed at 8:45 on a Friday night. Are you kidding me. The appetizer i had was under par by a long shot. The fact that the place was not crawling with patrons should have told you that you are doing something wrong. Upon entry 3 would be regulars were walking away saying that once again no one was there should have been a tell tell to this first timer..The sad thing is that they just peeked in and didn’t even spend a dime. Very disappointing as this should be an easy slam dunk in this area.

  • dan

    Not surprising given the owner was quoted in the Dallas Observer saying “it’s not really rocket surgery” lol.
    We live in the area, and first tried the restaurant when it opened as White Rock Abbey… we weren’t too impressed to say the least. When it changed over to The Local Pour we decided to give it another go ….unfortunately it appears the name was the only real update.

  • Los_Politico


  • MoeLEEN

    All bars smell similar this time of year, it’s the drains. The cold weather and the water sitting in the drains creates that smell. Usually bleach ad hot water down them cures that. It’s a nice venue with a big screen and the only problem I see is parking. Goodfriend is great, but if you want less expense, less fuss and less hippies, The Royal Pour is a viable option within range.

  • seat21d

    We walked in this place last week for a nightcap but ended up walking straight out. The place smelled like an open sewer. No idea why and was very disappointed we couldn’t even stand being inside the place for a few minutes.

  • Guest

    I was hoping this wouldn’t be a trashy bar. Looks like Goodfriend remains the only good option. Disappointing, but not surprising.