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Construction of Trader Joe's on Greenville

Construction of Trader Joe’s on Greenville

Coming this June

Looks like Trader Joe’s is planning to open in June. After placing several phone calls to the Trader Joe’s corporate offices and getting maddeningly little information, Patricia Carr, president of the Lower Greenville Neighborhood Association, emailed us to point out a write-up in its most recent newsletter. “At the bottom of the third page is a brief blurb that confirms your June date,” Carr told us. Sure enough, regional vice president Greg Pauquet told LGNA that the estimated completion date of construction is mid-June. He also noted that Trader Joe’s generally requires a 16-week build-out, but hopes to shorten the window. “As far as we’re concerned,” Pauquet is quoted as saying, “the sooner it opens, the better.”


The Centennial at Ross and Greenville

The Centennial at Ross and Greenville

New Spirits

The Centennial Fine Wine & Spirits stores around the neighborhood are quickly being sold, following the company’s Chapter 11 bankruptcy in December. At first, its leadership hoped to restructure the debt and continue operating, but these days that option is looking less than promising. The Centennial at Ross and Greenville is soon to be a Cheers Spirits and Liquor. The deal between Centennial and Pilot Point-based Cheers Spirits & Liquor has been made official, according to Cheers regional director Ralph Huellemann. Huellemann says Cheers is in possession of 20 Centennial locations in and around the Dallas area. Centennial sold six more of its liquor stores to Houston-based Spec’s in a $4 million deal. This will leave Centennial with four stores and a warehouse, but those, too, will eventually be sold. Huellemann says Cheers is considering purchasing the other four locations, although nothing is official yet. He says they’re not interested in the warehouse. Texas-based Liquor Depot bought out the vacant Centennial building at Northwest and Lawther. It opened in March, although, according to a spokesperson, it might not be around for long. The spokesperson says, because there are other liquor stores nearby, it’s not a good location. He didn’t say where they might move to, but he says they don’t plan to move into any other Centennial buildings in the area.


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Cane Rosso White Rock was delayed in opening in April. At the time of publication, it was unsure when the new opening date will be.

Cane Rosso, 7328 Gaston, Suite 100 , 214.741.1188, 


Chefs Jeana Johnson and Colleen O’Hare opened a new Vietnamese restaurant called Mot Hai Ba in April at 6047 Lewis Street.

Mot Hai Ba, 6047 Lewis Street, 972.638.7468


The LOT just announced that the eagerly anticipated bridge connecting the Santa Fe Trail to the restaurant will be open in May “just in time for summer.”

The LOT, 7530 E. Grand, 214.321.1990,


The Dallas Beer Kitchen, a bar to be located at 1804 Greenville and featuring craft beer and delicious food, is set to open in June.


The Las Vegas-based bakery Nothing Bundt Cakes has spread across the U.S. from Cali to Florida since its inception in 1997. In May we get our very own in Casa Linda Plaza next to Starbucks.

Nothing Bundt Cakes, 702.361.2047,


The first of 20 or so standalone Seattle’s Best Coffee shops opened on Skillman just north of Northwest Highway in the Timbercreek Shopping Center (Walmart, Sam’s and JCPenney).

Seattle’s Best Coffee, 800.611.7793,


By popular demand, Andrea’s Italian Restaurant parted ways with its old building at 4816 Gaston in Old East Dallas, where it had been for more than 13 years, and moved to the La Parrillada building at 7260 Gaston near the Gaston-Garland-Grand shopping center on April 15.

Andrea’s Italian Restaurant, 7260 Gaston, 214.823.3100,

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