Peak & Elm Cosina Y Bar is set to open Feb. 8th.

Peak & Elm Cosina Y Bar is set to open Feb. 8th.

I happened upon a pleasant surprise last week. While popping over to Peak and Elm to check out the latest edition of the La Popular Tamale House franchise, which is currently under construction, I ran into Jesse Moreno Jr., the son of La Popular founder Jesse Moreno Sr.

It was raining on me, so he really had no choice but to give me a look inside the new building, which is set to open Feb. 8th and will be appropriately named Peak & Elm Cocina Y Bar.

It’s coming along! Moreno says they are taking great pains to preserve the historic aspect of the location, which once-upon-a-time was where the streetcar ran. They also named the location Peak & Elm out of respect for the neighborhood, particularly so they could keep the original sign out front.

I got Moreno to participate in an off-the-cuff video interview while I was there. It’s a little raw, but it gives you an idea of what’s to come.

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