Residents react to Garland Road-to-Arboretum Drive name change suggestion

In our August East Dallas/Lakewood Advocate, columnist Jeff Siegel wrote about the planned development at Gaston-Garland-Grand, calling it, essentially, boring.

What the neighborhood is not bored about, if today’s Morning News and Observer comments sections mean anything, is the suggestion that that portion of Garland Road be renamed Arboretum Blvd.

Siegel mentioned this in his column, but developers reportedly discussed this at a Lakewood Hills Neighborhood meeting, and people generally aren’t reacting favorably.

“I am sick and tired of the Arboretum and it’s supporters dominating every decision made in this part of Dallas,” writes an Observer commenter. ”

Here’s neighborhood defender Ted Barker’s suggestion, via the Morning News comments section: “Carboretum Dr., Move to Fair Park Arboreutum Dr., Land Grab Drive, PaveTheLake Arboretum Dr., No Park Yo Car Here, Bra’! Dr., Parking Lot Drive, SaveWinfreyPoint Dr., Rich Dudes Messing Up Garland Rd Drive.”

More seriously, a few people suggest White Rock Blvd.

Our own columnist calls the idea “so funny that I don’t even need to think of a joke to go with it.”

Surely the reaction would not be so strong had it not been for the Arboretum’s recent public relations problems in which the people loudly cried foul over its plan to park cars on Winfrey Point and eventually possibly pave over parts of Winfrey Point as part of a bigger plan for what they maintain would be improvements to that section of White Rock Lake Park.

Read Jeff Siegel’s full piece here.

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  • Sambo

    What the hell is wrong with leaving historic names alone? The Garland Road went to Garland, still does. What will it cost to change 4 street signs on every corner? Fix the potholes instead.

  • Tyler

    White Rock Blvd sounds good to me. NOT Arboretum.

  • Parker

    I agree. We chose to live inside the loop and often friends think Garland Road is in some far out suburban neighborhood. White Rock (Blvd, Pkwy, etc.) makes more sense to me, but Arboretum is fine. Just think it should go from I-30 to 635 so people know what to expect to find when they exit the highway…

  • Anonymous

    I do think your last point is spot on. I wonder how it would have been perceived pre-pave-the-lake.

    I know I’d much rather be associated with the (c)Arboretum than Garland any day.