East Dallas gets ground-sprayed, city officials discuss aerial spraying to fight West Nile

Some Dallas residents are circulating a petition to stop aerial spraying, saying it will do more harm than good.

East Dallas, Lake Highlands and Preston Hollow are among the Dallas areas that the city will “aggressively” spray from ground trucks, beginning tonight and continuing through Wednesday, in an effort to reduce the mosquito population and thus the deadly West Nile Virus. The following areas, specifically are listed on a City of Dallas notice sent a couple days ago:

An area bounded on the north by Royal Lane on the west by Preston, on the south by Northwest Highway and on the east by Central Expressway

An area bounded on the north by LBJ Freeway on the west by Central Expressway and Abrams Road, on the south by Royal Lane and Walnut Hill Lane and on the east by Plano Road

The area within an area bounded on the north by Walling Lane on the west by Abrams Road, Skillman Street and Greenville Avenue on the south by Prospect Avenue, and on the east by Abrams Road Mockingbird Lane and Lawther Road

The insecticide is considered safe, but keep your pets inside and wash your skin if you come in contact with it, according to the notice.

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Meanwhile, a Dallas County judge has given aerial spraying the OK. City officials reportedly are deciding when and if to disperse as many as five planes, which are ready to go as soon as Thursday.

Around the social-mediasphere, Dallas residents are circulating collecting signatures on this online petition to stop the mosquito spraying, saying there are better ways to eradicate mosquitos than using mass quantities of deadly poison. Petitioners argue mosquitos will not be the only life form to suffer and/or die.

So far, some 730 people have signed.

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  • My Personal Choice

     Now that is a good way to describe it!

  • My personal choice

    Ok…I live in Lochwood/DixonBranch area…I independently at my own choice sprayed my own yard with Malithion, again, my choice, and my family and I have not been bitten by a Mosquito in two weeks.  We keep our yard dried and areas that Mosquitos could thrive are cleaned.  Again, this was MY Family’s choice!   Not sure the whole spraying thing is such a good idea.   

  • Tedbarker

    Thanks for posting this. I guess we are in the spraying mode. So, how do we assess the outcome of loss of beneficial insects, birds, etc, afterwards for the short term?

  •  bat houses are the answer.

  • DK

    Thanks for the notice, City of Dallas.

  • Dosing the city in a neurotoxin to combat West Nile is like forcing everyone to take a dose of chemotherapy because some people in the city have cancer.