Electric transformer fires plague Lakewood: WFAA-TV report

According to a report on WFAA-TV (Channel 8) last night, a series of fires in the neighborhood are being caused by faulty Oncor electric transformers bursting into flames as a result of high usage and the intense summer heat. Several neighbors told WFAA they’ve seen the fires start with a transformer and then consume vegetation in the surrounding alleys, as well as some wood fences, a guest house and even a garage.

An Oncor spokesman told WFAA the transformer blazes have been a problem in the neighborhood but didn’t elaborate much. For years, people living in our neighborhood have suffered through what seem to be more than our share of power outages year-round, with the two main causes of outages seeming to be overgrown tree limbs impinging on power lines (we’ve written about that issue many times) and blown transformers that often have been in place for years.

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  • DK

    There have been three fires in the 6100 and 6200 blocks of Goliad/Belmont in the past six weeks due to transformers and power lines bursting into flames.

  • Dianabueno

    I live off Lowest Greenville Ave and Oncor just replaced our transformer because it was so old…seems they are trying to be proactive????

  • leia

    ohhh, so that’s what I thought was lightning in the ‘hood Sunday night….

  • Mjcaraway64

    I had my electrical wires burn through leaving about a 2 inch gap where the powerlines connect to my house. I was told when my electricity box was changed out the lines as well should have been chnaged out. Thank goodness for a smoke detector in the back closet of my old house.