Winfrey point reportedly not part of parking feasibility studies

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  • Jschmerl

     I also find it appalling that they aren’t even using a Dallas firm to complete the study…

  • Lorlee

    I am appalled that the City is Spending $80,000 on a consultant to tell them where there should be parking.  Any one of us could walk up and down Garlnad Road and point out potential spots and not waste $80,000.

  • William Holston

    Bronson is a master naturalist. Good writer too.

  • Gay Hopkins

    Winfrey Point is included in an essay on White Rock Lake by Bronson Havard in today’s “Neighbors Go” section of today’s paper.  The title is “Urban Encroachment Threatens Lake’s Wildlife.”  Mr. Havard’s article is likely to have limited readership because of its placement in the paper; it should be on the editorial page. 

  • Tedbarker

    We shall have to see if the original Request For Proposal was modified by the Park Dpt. The information was requested by Hal Barker in another round of Open Records Requests. This particular contract or proposal was denied and forwarded to the Texas Attorney General for an Opnion.   Questions will certainly be asked of Park Board Rep.  Gerald Worrall and Park Dpt. staff on Aug 7th for the quarterly White Rock Lake Task Force.  This item is also set for the Park Board general meeting on Aug 8th.  We shall attend the committee meetings and the general meeting, wearing Save Winfrey Point shirts.