The ultimate in roof repair marketing

roofFirst, we had the roof repair door hangers after last month’s hail storm until there was no room left on the door. Then, we had the door-to-door sales people – cold calls in the North Texas summer asking us if we needed roof repair. I’ve had three in the past couple of weeks, and I can’t think of too many worse ways to make a living.

Now, someone has done these one better – a direct mail piece offering to get you more for your roof repair than the insurance company wants to pay. “Helping the customer… Not the insurance company” says the other side of the card posted here. And the floating $100 bills are a nice touch.

I don’t know quite what to make of this. On the one hand, it does seem like ambulance chasing. On the other, I have to admire the company’s spunk and determination. Who says this still isn’t a country of entrepreneurs?

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  • The roof is among the most vital parts of a sturdy home construction and acquiring the best is important to ensure the safety of the residents. This is good news for those who are having difficulty with their insurance claims.

  • Being in an area prone to hurricanes of tornadoes or hail storms or any other natural calamity, it is important to be always ready. Houses, especially roofs and walls, should be regularly checked for damages or areas that need repairs because this will greatly prevent more complications and problems. However, when homeowners are planning to hire professional contractors, they should always do background checks and research to make sure that the contractors are legitimate because several scams are up during calamities.

  • DK

    There are also a number of roofers that are offering to effectively pay for the homeowners deductible and submit false invoices to the insurance company.  This is illegal and unethical and those roofers should be avoided.

    Dallas Homeowners League posted some more tips for dealing with roofers:

  • Greg Bevel

    Marketing like this becomes necessary when insurance companies do not fully explain the coverage benefits to the homeowners.   The insurance adjuster will offer to pay you for the damage to the roof, which includes a steep discount if the roof is older and has depreciated and also is reduced by your deductible.   If you do not read the homeowner’s policy carefully, and if your adjuster does not explain it to you, you might think that is all there is.  That first check you receive, alone, which will not likely be enough to replace the roof, the older the roof, the smaller  that first check will be.   . . . so, the roof never gets fixed and the insurance companies save lots of money.   

    But that is not the full extent of the insurance coverage available to you under your homeowner’s policy.   If you actually go ahead and replace the roof and  send the bills to the insurance company, they will pay the full cost of repairs, less your deductible.

    The reason roofing companies advertise their ability to get more money out of your insurance company, is because they can, by asking, and so can you.