A strong visual argument for preserving life at White Rock Lake

Keep an eye out this week for your printed edition of the July Lakewood/East Dallas Advocate. We are particularly happy about this issue, which features breathtaking views of the creatures small and large who have made the bushes, trees, grasses (both native prairie and other) and waters at White Rock home.

Astute readers will note something aesthetically different about this issue.

Normally, most of our pages, in order to keep us in business, include ads along the edges. When we saw photographer Robert Bunch’s work, we knew we had to find a way to display them large and bold and without the distraction of advertisements.

Thanks to sponsor John Whiteside of Team Whiteside-Coldwell Banker Residential Brokerage, we were able to do that and to give Lakewood/East Dallas Advocate readers a special collectable magazine this month.

We hope you enjoy the photos as much as we have.

While you are waiting for your magazine, here’s a video slideshow:

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  • stuart

    The play is called “NYC Coyote Existential”. It was performed as part of the Festival of Independent Theatres at the Bath House. Unfortunately, its run has ended. I’m glad I went to see it last weekend.

  • Tedbarker

    I have heard from firsthand source that some at the DABS consider Winfrey a dump.

  • Tedbarker

    Thank you Advocate for this wonderful series on a very special place. Rick, Christina, a tip of the old chapeau.

  • Tedbarker

    Wow, Doric, what an image you have left me with. I am so glad Hal and I met you that hot spring day.

    The play currently in Dallas about Urban Coyote’s had its genesis in NYC Central Park by a Dallas ex-patriote. I forget the title but it centers on White Rock Lake and the personal experience of a lifetime of living in the vicinity.  Those of us who are interested in the “wildscape” will understand your perspective and ill ease with the governance of this very special part of this bustling city.  I suggest folks to search out the Advocate blog entries about WRL to find more indepth insights into this area.  Thank you for your comments.

  • Doricearle

    It seems we have two schools of thought regarding White Rock Lake. Those who see it as just another resource to use up like vacant downtown lot or empty retail store front and those of us who see it as a finite, precious resource – already pressured considerably by human use.

    Those of us who LIVE on the edge of the park (as we have for the last dozen years) see the daily encourchment real and proposed and fear it’s impending demise. We who see the broken restrooms at. The Big Thicket, those of us who pickup litter on our daily walks, who see the hummingbirds flit and the coyotes stealth are wondering why we can’t preserve what is left of the lake as it is today.

  • AC

    Ewwwwww! Nature? How outre! Hey, before you get mad at me I’m just trying to give the good folks at the Arboretum an advance on what might be their response. Given everything their behavior illustrates I am assuming they aren’t as enamored as some of us with the real world (oh, and that includes nature). And I don’t think the boathouse crew is far behind.

  • No need for a new boathouse.  The lake is extremely pressured as is.  Let it be.

  • Furd Floater

    The proposed new Highland Park rowing boat house will absolutely destroy an alreadybeleaguered Wood Duck habitat which includes breeding, nesting grounds and prime cover wetland area that have been cared for by the citizens of east Dallas to include members of the Audobon Society, Sierra Club and Ducks Unlimited. Better take their picture quick cuz if you don’t, the only place your children will ever see these will be on the internet. SAVE THE WOOD DUCKS!!

  • Lovely presentation.  It is so important to cherish and protect the sources of natures renewal.

  • Tedbarker

    Thanks, excellent support for those of us who love this park.