Wild Things

Here is a look at White Rock through the eyes of a no-nonsense nature lover.

You make our heart sing

This page: A male, or drake, mallard’s vibrant plumage — its iridescent green head, bright yellow bill and traffic-stopping orange feet — is instantly recognizable. This one is flying over the water near Sunset Bay. Photo by Robert Bunch

The retired photographer hasn’t cleaned his kitchen this week. He’s been too busy taking pictures. After more than 30 years as a professional working for newspapers and magazines, including nearly 20 years shooting for the Advocate, Robert Bunch, a 60-something Vietnam veteran, quit photography for pay and instead took it up as a hobby.

Now he treks to White Rock Lake on an almost-daily basis (except in mid-summer, he says, when “it is too friggin’ hot”).

His preoccupation works in our favor, because after about a year and a half of this, Bunch agreed to share his best photos.

Here is a look at White Rock through the eyes of a no-nonsense nature lover.

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  • J Didear

    Love these photos!  Have seen most but not all of these critters myself.  Good work!

  • Anonymous

    Thanks for the absolutely breathtaking wildlife photos from Robert Bunch.  I hope you weren’t wasting him all this time on taking photos of playgrounds and buildings!  Clearly, this is his gift.  And how long has it been since I’ve seen a coyote mentioned in the media without the attendant fear-based propaganda?  How refreshing.  

    I also very much enjoyed the story of the heron rescue by him and Kathy Rogers, two names I’m going commit to memory as I think of the best things about our neighborhood and how fortunate we are to have an environment that will support such an array of wildlife so nearby.  

    I can tell you that, I, for one, will never support anything which would limit or destroy it, including using up more wooded areas for playgrounds or sports fields, or anything which places the unsupportable fears of people above sustaining our wildlife and woods.  It’s why I moved here.Paula Brown