Bicycle Cafe lasted less than six months

We were all so excited when the cool little Bicycle Cafe at Lawther and Northwest Highway opened. The Advocate even went in, tried the food and did a photo shoot for the magazine. It was great.

Only a few weeks later, we hear that owner Armando Guerrero is selling the place, but he promised fans on Facebook that the restaurant would remain open. Now it’s closed. He’s still telling those Facebook friends that it is temporary, but he told Teresa Gubbins on Pegasus that he has accepted a construction gig in Mexico where he expects to make “way more money”.

He told her that the Bicycle Cafe for him was more like a hobby. A toy. He told her he hopes to rekindle the bicycle cafe concept at a later date, that he hasn’t given up on it. Doesn’t sound to me like it will reopen anytime soon unless he finds a buyer.

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  • John

     Does Barbec’s not do it for you?

  • Tomatodallas

    I’m still waiting for a good reasonable old-fashioned just plain cafe with good fried chicken, home made gravy, homemade pies and a reasonable price. Oh yes, and no loud music and lots of homemade biscuits and rolls. Youngblood’s where are you? And I’ would settle for another Fresh Approach type restaurant/buffet here in Lakewood. Look at the Bishops Arts area and many of the wonderful homestyle places. C’mon Lakewood or Lincoln Properties, get with it.

  • Clay

    womp womp