No parking spots? Try the stairs

The debates over the Dallas Arboretum overflow parking got us thinking about solutions to the problem. While none of the ideas below may be viable, desired or even legal in White Rock, here are some creative, some ridiculous and some technologically innovative ways other people have addressed their parking woes.

Drivers on this Philadelphia street filled up the sides and started parking in the middle. We wouldn’t want to try parallel parking here during rush hour.

In a 2007 marketing campaign, Jeep painted parking spaces all over Copenhagen encouraging drivers to throw off their equilibrium a bit.

This 20-story Volkswagen “Car Tower” in Germany stores cars for purchasers to pick up directly from the factory. Similar automated, or robotic, parking garages exist or are being built in New Jersey, Florida, Dubai, New York and other locations.

This woman doesn’t need to look for parking spots. She carries them in her trunk.

Where does an indoor car not seem out of place? In a mall, of course.

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