Poll: Are you sad, mad, glad or indifferent about the Dallas Marathon changes?

New name and logo est. 2012

The Dallas White Rock Marathon recently changed its name to the Dallas Marathon, unveiled a new logo and changed the course as well as its starting/finishing line.

The new name and logo are part of a re-branding effort geared toward making the race better and more attractive to people nationwide and even internationally, board members say.

We’ve heard lots of feedback. Here is your opportunity to sound off. If you have a comment to add to your poll selection, or a different answer, please include it in the comments section. Results will be included in the July magazine.

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  • Lakewoody

    I don’t mind doing something kick up the profile of the event, but completely walking away from “The Rock” tag that they’ve worked so hard to market doesn’t seem wise.  I also agree with earlier comments that changing the route every few years is one (of several) reasons why it still doesn’t draw from a broader market of runners who travel from event to event.  A name change won’t fix that.  

  • amc

     Cephus, that’s a very good point that doesn’t get mentioned much in the articles about the vision for the race.  The Dallas Marathon is far away in terms of participation for the full marathon from these other cities.  There is a long way to go, and the changes that drive total participation do not necessarily attract the runners for the full.

  • Cephus

    The event has definitley improved in many respects over the years.  But if they want to be on par with New York, Boston, and Chicago they need to quit changing the course every other year.  Part of what makes people come back is the chance to improve thier time over previous years.  If the course is different each time then why bother.  Also, the realys and half marathon just cause a lot of traffic from slower runners and are only a ploy to get more participants.  I have got to think that the high school realy is nothing but annoying to the professionals.  These other Marathons don’t need these gimicks to attract people who want to run a full marathon.  The reality is that they are capping the event at 30,000 participants total but last year only 4,600 ran the marathon everyone else ran a relay or a half marathon.  These other major marathons have 25k to 30k participants and they are all running the marathon.  Not bagging on realy runners or half marathoners–ultimatley the race generates a lot of money for a great charity.  But, lets not kid ourselves–the orginizers are going to need to change much more than the name if they truly want a world (or national) class pure Marathon.

  • Mjfarrell29

    Indifferent on name. Do not believe it will bring it on par of a major city marathon. We’re not a major city like those races are run in. However the name change will not hurt any. However the course I detest. Mockingbird looks to be horrible. I will run since it is local, but if I traveled to I would not return to this kind of course. 
    Michael Farrell

  • amc

    Most neighbors appreciate the true benefits that the race provides to the hospital.  So in that sense, I support the race.  We’re all winners there.  But in terms of what it means for the neighborhood, it’s a loss for us.  We lose the branding visibility and we lose showcasing our hood and spirit to 13,000 half marathon runners, because the course does not take them to Lakewood at all.  They will not Run the Rock at all.  The race will highlight “spectacular assets” and “iconic symbol” Large Marge and the downtown hotel, at the expense of Fair Park and for the half, White Rock itself.

    Not being a high-performance runner, I’ll probably never run a full marathon, but it’s been a goal of mine to run the White Rock half marathon through Lakewood, cheered by friends & family.  Not gonna happen, so I guess there’s the DRC Half and others as alternatives