Cafe Lago benefit for Justice the pup

Puppies like Justice still needs help. Photo courtesy DFW Rescue Me

Who could forget the widely covered story of Justice, the dog who survived several days following torture and incineration at the hands of a soulless human?

In case you missed it, has the whole story of the puppy’s abuse and rescue.

Neighborhood eatery Café Lago, which allows pets and the patio and even has a special menu for dogs, has always shown a soft spot for our furred friends, so it’s no surprise that owner Gabriela Kovacic is hosting a benefit for the organization that helped Justice, in Justice’s memory. Justice’s accused torturer/killer is on house arrest.

The dinner, Saturday, June 2, will feature a three-course meal with wine pairings for $50 per person. $30 of each purchase will go to DFW Rescue Me.

Entertainers will include emcee Sybil Summers from 105.3 FM and the Tri-Tones of Arts magnet High School. A silent auction and raffle will also benefit DFW Rescue. Purchase advanced tickets here. Space will be limited.

Cafe Lago is located at 9219 Garland Road, near White Rock Lake.

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  • gabriela

     This is to Esta, whomever this person may be. I’m not sure how you are referring to animals in your comment.  Animals are creatures that only respond negatively when in threat.  If you are referring to the treatment of animals on your standards, i.e. badgering and ill mannered without thinking that is a reflection of you.  If you are making negative comments about the owner/operator of the host restaurant then you clearly do not know this person.  I think you should roll up your sleeves and work in the pressures of this industry to see how ridiculously one-sighted observers can be.  I also suggest you talk to staff members who seem to be there long term and content.  No hypocrisy or abuse here (not sexually, financially, health code, lying, etc) and please spell my name correctly.

  • Me


    You can not even spell her name right…

  • Thanks for pointing this out kv and Esta — I’ve updated the post to reflect the (sad) passing of the puppy. I misread the invitation, which bills the event as a tribute to Justice, not a fundraiser for Justice specifically. The fundraiser is for the organization that tried to save him, DFW Rescue Me. The funds will go toward the care of other animals. 

  • kv

    This puppy did pass away a few weeks ago… I am assuming the money would still go to that organization, but it might be good to inform people that Justice died, since that is what they think they are donating to.

  • Also, I was pretty sure the poor pup had died. Where’s the money going? 

  • Doesn’t surprise me one bit. Gabriella always treated people like animals.