Food fight

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Ever since the legendary Voodoo Donuts of Portland, Ore., mushed a crisp slice of bacon into the thick maple frosting of a warm donut, bacon donuts have been part of food culture. And why didn’t we think of this sooner? It is a tad shameful the McGriddle was invented so many years before the bacon donut became a thing. In a half-serious effort to determine whose deliciousness reigns supreme, we pitted the donut against bacon, in a virtual battle of dough and pork.


Hypnotic Donuts vs Mextopia

Donut: Hypnotic Donuts, which started out as a pop-up shop in North Dallas, finally put down roots in our neighborhood, and it is changing the way we think about donuts. Hypnotic doesn’t stop at just bacon. One concoction features bacon, bananas, honey and peanut butter. Plus, now and then, you can get a free beer with donut purchase. 9007 Garland, 214.668.6999

Bacon: Mextopia’s beer and bacon happy hour has it all. Beer. Bacon. There are no donuts, but still: free bacon with beer purchase. Order a $3 draft beer on Thursdays and Saturdays, and get a rasher of thick bacon cooked with brown sugar. It’s sweet and spicy. 2104 Greenville, 214.824.9400


Shipley vs Barbec’s

Donut: Shipley’s is an old-school donut shop. It’s not fancy. It’s not expensive. But warm donuts and cheap coffee is enough to make a person happy for at least half the morning. 10332 Ferguson, 214.319.8003

Bacon: Barbec’s, too, is old school. This diner takes cash only, but you don’t need much. A big breakfast plate with lots of bacon costs about $5. 8949 Garland, 214.321.5597


Southern Maid vs Another Broken Egg Café

Donut: Conveniently located on the busy corner of Garland and Buckner, this donut shop is very popular. Get there early and pay with cash unless you’re putting in a big order. 1125 N. Buckner, 214.327.1552

Bacon: This place offers French toast, eggs Benedict, pancakes, omelets and every delicious breakfast thing. The bacado omelet has avocado and, yes, bacon. 1152 Buckner, 214.954.7182 and 5500 Greenville, 214.782.9927


Krispy Kreme vs Piggy Pies

Donut: Krispy Kreme is the favorite donut shop of many, many fine Americans. There is nothing like a warm Krispy Kreme or 12. 5811 Greenville, 214.750.5118

Bacon: Piggy Pies is a locally owned pizza place known for its ooey gooey pies. Try one with goat cheese and bacon. Alfredo bacon pizza comes with bacon, onions, tomatoes and homemade Alfredo sauce. 5315 Greenville, 214.696.9200

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