Neighbor files restraining order to prevent parking at Winfrey

One of our neighbors has taken legal action in an attempt to prevent the city from allowing the Dallas Arboretum to use grassy areas at Winfrey Point for temporary overflow parking.

The Park Board recently gave the arboretum permission to park cars there during the Chihuly exhibit, May  5-Nov. 5. Attorney Robert Cohen filed a temporary restraining order against the city on behalf of Christopher Fears, naming Councilman Sheffie Kadane and the Dallas Arboretum, according to the Dallas Morning News. The court filing claims the temporary parking lots will damage the ecosystem and that no public hearing was held on the matter.

The full filing is after the jump, via the DMN.

WFAA talked to St. John’s Episcopal School eighth-graders who have a grant to study the prairie remnant. Here it is:

Lawsuit Over Winfrey Point Parking

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  • Patsy

    It is ridiculous to allow parking on the blackland prairie.  White Rock Lake and the park is our cultural heritage in this neighborhood and it must be protected!  I don’t want to see our area ruined by parking lots.  What did Joni Mitchell say?  “They paved paradise and put up a parking lot.”  I do believe it’s time to start protesting.

  • Tedbarker

    Got pictures yesterday. Ony the ring-neck geese so far.  Texas wildlife officials are now in the loop. Got some aggressive citizens making calls. That is what is needed. What was the song?  “You got me under pressure”.

  • Blb_sa

    The idea of using Winfrey Point as a parking lot is absurd. This battle has to be fought and won. Please take a look at these images, all of which were taken at Winfrey Point, and then decide whether or not it is a worthy battle:

  • Alfredo

    Very interesting choice of Defendants,  What does Kadane have to do with this other than he has violated the unwritten rule that if a councilman doesn’t want it, it won’t happen.  Doesn’t sue the City of Dallas but sues the Park Board!  Sues the CEO, but not the organization.  It helps if you sue the right defendants, unless this is nothing more than a PR move.

  • ParkingWars

     Actually, according to City documents from, paving of Winfrey Point and a multi-story garage are being looked at.

  • Wilson!

    Someone needs to find migratory birds nesting there.  Not just hanging out, but actually nesting.  Disturbing nests of migratory birds will run them afoul of Federal laws.  

  • NetContributor

    Maybe “They” should consider shutting down the Arboretum parking lot at a set time on the weekends (so visitors can plan ahead) and shuttling visitors from Fair Park.  If visitors have to locate and park in a remote site anyway, and use a shuttle to access the Arboretum, what’s a few extra minutes?  

  •  Oh dear, that is bad information.

  • Milly

    I applaud your open-mindedness, I really do. But I have to question why this would ever be considered an option by anyone, particularly anyone with the word ARBORETUM or PARKS on their business card.  Seeing the outlines of a parking grid splashed all over a map of Winfrey Point gave me the willies.

  • Anne

     Sometimes I wonder if the City of Dallas’s involvement with the Arboretum is a good thing. I’m very pleased, however, that Mr. Fears noticed the lack of a public hearing and filed suit. Bravo!!

  • jd

    The City & Arboretum commissioned a study ( ) that explored ALL options. Options do not equal plans. It is one thing to speak up for or against specific options as part of the process; it is another to use those options to argue against something only partially related – temporary parking.

    The Arboretum has been a very good neighbor, they add a lot to Dallas and especially my corner of it. I’m willing to assume they will be above board until I see evidence otherwise.

  • Milly

    The documents at the website that Ben O. posted are breathtaking…and very damning.  Dated this February and with the logo of the City of Dallas on them, they clearly lay out various options for permanent Arboretum parking at Winfrey Point.

  • Ben O.
  • From all that I’ve learned and what Rachel and others have reported, you are right. None of that is accurate. 

  • jd

    This morning there were some folks set up with a petition @ the lot between Winfrey & the Arboretum. They claimed that part of the point was going to be paved, there was a planned parking garage for the point, and that due to a planned road you wouldn’t be able to run there anymore. As far as I know all of this is inaccurate; seems to me they should make their case on the merits.