Dallas ISD will hold on to Bonham building

Editor Rachel Stone recently reported that the entire Bonham Elementary staff is moving to a school in Pleasant Grove, and I wondered what would happen to the building they are vacating. The historic structure on Henderson isn’t going unnoticed by preservation advocates, and it sits amid new and trendy apartment complexes on Henderson Avenue, which has undergone a renaissance in recent years. Could Bonham be turned into some sort of historical, upscale lofts?

Not anytime soon, says Dallas ISD spokesman Jon Dahlander, who agrees that Bonham sits on a “prime piece of real estate” and emphasizes that the district will hang on to it. He points to his elementary alma mater, Withers, as well as DeGolyer and Nathan Adams nearby, which were among schools shut down in the ’80s and reopened in the early ’90s when attendance warranted.

“Just because a school is mothballed for a few years doesn’t mean it can’t be opened and revisited another time,” Dahlander says.

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  • Cephus

    Would you like to buy my house?  You MIGHT need it one day and if you buy it now you would have a great hedge against the escalating value that we are likely to see in the future.  Of course, no one will live in it but I would expect you will keep it painted and keep the grass from getting overgrown–unfortunatley it’s a pretty old house so that is likely to be expensive.  In fact you might want to go around to different parts of town and buy a few homes since you neve really know which part of town you will desire 10 years from now.

  • This is great news. Keeping and recycling a building that is both functional and an important historic structure is far and away the most logical, efficient approach. The escalating land values along Henderson would likely make purchasing land for a school in that neighborhood prohibitively expensive in the future. Plus, separate from the land expense, updating an existing building will be much cheaper and faster than building new. DISD’s biggest facility problem for the past 25 years has been shifting population centers. This is an excellent hedge against that problem.

  • Reg1127

    Cephus, great comment and so true.

  • Cephus

    Bad decision.  Any first year finance student would tell you that you could sell the property now and the value of those dollars could fund 2 or more new schools in 10 years when and IF they are neeeded again.  Maybe more in the case of Bonham which would bring a much higher pricewith the potential for a commerical use.  Additionally, there would be no operating costs to mow the grass and maintain the physical plant.  Althougth the building is a historic structure, I am sure it would be much more efficient for the taxpayer to replace it with a new school when the time comes.

    I wonder if Mr. Dahlander would go out and buy an extra car today and let it sit in the garage for 10 years just in case he may  it at that time.