DelTaco and Cici’s Pizza coming soon to Timber Creek

Now that the Timber Creek Chick-fil-A is officially open for business, it’s just a matter of weeks before the grand opening at DelTaco. Crews have been working feverishly inside and out at the Mexican fast food restaurant, delicately tiptoeing around the campers waiting in the parking lot for Chick-fil-A’s First 100 event last Thursday.

After that will be the new Cici’s Pizza, though inside installation of kitchen fixtures and furniture doesn’t yet appear to have begun. Shouldn’t take long, though, since the building’s shell is finished.

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  • Dee

    Can someone please build an el pollo loco? I love that spot

  • Chefvaleriej

    Yummm can’t wait for Del Taco (it’s a CA staple)…great crinkle cut fries (chili fries) and I am HOPING they still have/keep their shredded beef on the menu (it seems to come & go for some reason). 

  • People talk about Del Taco like it’s the taco-equivalent of In-N-Out Burger. I can’t say because I’ve never been to one, either.

  • When they include names like this in their marketing material, I’m not sure if it is much more than wishful thinking. Some have certainly come true, though.

    Other restaurants mentioned include: Chipotle, Potbelly, Jimmy Johns, and Gloria’s.

    Jimmy Johns and Pei Wei would be at the top of my wish list.

  • Kevin B.

    Is it too much to ask that Pei Wei also move in, or are they anticipating a different demographic? Self-fulfilling prophesy, anyone?

  • Good point, Bryon; I have been guilty of this, too. Timbercreek Shopping Center is located at the northwest corner of Skillman and Northwest Highway.

  • Lakewoodhobo

    Wasn’t there going to be a Pei Wei in this shopping center?

  • When you post an article which mentions a shopping center by name could you also provide an address or intersection?  
    This is not a unique case, I’m not sure if I’ve ever seen a post like this one which stated where the shopping center is located.

  • I’ve never been to a Del Taco.  Is it any good?